Montag, 21. November 2011

Frosty the snowman

Hi again,

This morning I found an old Christmas window color book with a very cute little snowman. 
I copied the picture of the snowman and worked it out of paper.  


Later this day I made a Christmas card and the main decoration of it is this snowman.

Frosty on the card
I love this card! It's so simple - the only embellishments on this card are the cut snowflake in the background and the one on Frosty's hat. And both are decorated with a flat back rhine stone in crystal clear. That's it!

Hope you like it too,

Another box


Yesterday night I started to ground my old wooden box with my red and white acrylic colors. And today I gave it a finish with the flower and bug pictures. I cut them out of an old napkin and fixed it with clear acrylic paint that has a shiny look after it's dry.
So, here is a little picture of it:
front side of my box
Today I tried out something new:
I took some sheets of paper (all in the same size) and fixed it together with a piece of duct tape on one side. Than I made a hardcover front and backside and fixed it once again with some adhesive. 
The cool thing is that you now can open the little jotter and write something inside. And you can also pull out a sheet as like as a scratchpad.
I don't like the design of my jotter but it was an experiment and I did not know that it will work. Nevertheless I'd like to show you the book on a picture, although it's ugly *lol*
My "ugly" jotter 

The open jotter

I'm quite sure that I'll do some more of these books as a gift for Christmas or so because you can use all kinds of papers and materials, you can decorate the outside with all scrapbooking and card making options and ideas you have and there's no limit in which size you work it out. So everyone needs something to write down notes - everyone can need a little scratchpad.


Sonntag, 20. November 2011

Old Boxes with a New Dress

Hello Everyone,

The days ill at home and not allowed to got outside is the time I use for my crafty ideas :)

Yesterday I've started to work on my boyfriend's Christmas calendar for this year but right now I would need some more material so I put this project aside. 

Later that day I made some boxes. 4 little ones (not very spectacular) in an Origami technic. Another one I made even also in this technic is a little bit bigger with a nice flower on top and some ribbon (I think that's a very cute one!):

open box filled with some stuff
Top of the box with the flower

Today I thought I redesign some of my old boxes. The first one is an old picture-box in some ugly yellow and blue color. Colors I don't like in my room. I have 90% shelfs as a storage in my room that's why I always take care that everything fits together. Now this box is colored in white and decorated with a spooky castle, a ghost and a bat... of course everything in the colors of my room! Have a look:

The front side of my new spooky box

with a red flower embellishment

the backside of my box with a bat ornament 

The second box is an old shoe box that I've grounded in red and white. After it was dry I've put on a snowman and some little silver snowflakes with flat grounded rhine stones in the middle. Here I show you only one picture 'cause the bottom of the box is just red. 

My winter box
So as you can see I was quite busy these days :)
Hope you like my new projects and if you have any questions about material, technic or such a thing don't be shy and leave a comment.

Good bye,

Mittwoch, 16. November 2011

cupcake card

The last week I was cutting and cutting and cutting...
It'r so much fun. Just put the cartridge in the machine type whatever you want to be cut and than you wait  a little bit - done :)
With my new cartridges (Rock Princess, Mini Monograms) I've decided to create this lovely, colorful birthday card. And than I did a little girly scull. It's so cute!!!


Cupcake Card


  • cardstock in different patterns and colors
  • cricut machine and cartridges
  • white card
  • red polka dotted ribbon
  • glue
How to:
  1. I've sliced the "smile" phrase in green (Mini Monograms p. 122)
  2. I've cut the green and black foundation (p. 129, p. 126 Mini Monograms) and double glued it 
  3. I changed the cartridge and cut out all the single pieces for the little cupcake (Rock Princess p. 77). I fixed the pieces together and colored the cherry with my red glitter glue. After it tried I put it on the foundation.
  4. I took the white card fixed a piece of the flower paper the ribbon and the smile phrase on it. Than I put some 3D dotties on the backside of my muffin and set it on the card. ready!

Donnerstag, 10. November 2011

time for a new post...

Hi Everyone!

Today I thought I'm writing to all of you, because its been a while since my last post.

I've got so many things to do at the moment, that there is no time for crafting :-( ...what a bitty...

Today it's St. Martins feast with my kids group and I've got to prepare lots of stuff for December (presents, songs and other traditional things we are doing with the children in the kindergarden).
And of course I have a bad cold and feel really bead, so bad that I even didn't make something crafty although I have my new CRICUT machine since Monday!!!! 

This machine is awesome! Right now I'm waiting for my new cartridges but than I really get started...
Certainly I tried out all the different settings on my keyboard but as nice the cartridge font "George and basic shapes" is, as simple it is. Great to figure out the functions of the machine but not very scale - title is program!

Okay, hope you all have a nice 10th of  November. Here in Vienna its foggy but a nice weather for a little lantern walk in the afternoon!

If you have some experiences with the cricut machine (the original one), please let me know!